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Protected trees

How do I protect a tree ?

A tree preservation order (TPO) can be placed on any tree, including hedgerow trees but not hedgerows themselves. TPOs can also apply to areas of woodland, although this is less common. The tree does not have to be situated on land under your ownership. As a member of the public, you have the right request to protect any tree which you feel holds a significant amenity value to an area within the borough. TPOs are most commonly used for urban and semi-urban settings, and for trees with high ‘amenity’ or ‘nature conservation value’.

To see whether a tree or woodland is currently under protection, use our tree preservation order checker

If you are interested in placing a TPO on a tree or an area of woodland that is not yet protected, please make sure you provide us with:

  • The reason why you feel the tree needs to be protected; usually TPOs are placed on a tree or wood that’s deemed to be a local amenity
  • The full address of the site location of the tree or woodland
  • A plan or map clearly pointing out the location of the tree(s) within the site (if applicable)

To request a TPO for an unprotected tree or woodland online, send us the above information using our Planning Policy contact form, and our Arboricultural Officer will review your request as soon as possible.

Further information

Please be aware that Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council is not required to protect any tree with a TPO – creating new preservation orders is at the council's discretion. Where a TPO is in place, however, we hold the responsibility of administering it.

Also note, if we approve your request, it may take up to six months for the TPO to be in place.

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