Burbage conservation area


St Catherines Church Burbage

The Burbage conservation area, which is based on the historic village core, was designated by the council in February 1973.

The character of this conservation area is created by the contrast of narrow and open spaces within the street scene. This variation is accentuated by the continuous terracing of houses built against the footpath. There are also a number of fine trees which form important focal points within the area as well as providing relief from the visual hardness of the built environment.

The conservation area can be considered as four separate areas of distinct character:

  • The area around the church
  • Aston Lane
  • Church Street
  • The Horsepool

Listed and unlisted buildings, adding to the historical and architectural interest of the village, include:

  • Archer Cottage
  • St Catherine's Church
  • The Constitutional Club
  • The Manor House

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