Desford Conservation Area


Former school Desford

The Desford Conservation Area, the boundaries of which are concentrated along the High Street, Main Street and Newbold Road, was designated by the council in January 1981.

The conservation area can be divided into four distinct areas of different character:

  • The high street
  • The jitties
  • Newbold Road and North Main Street
  • The church and its environs

The character of the designated area is derived from four key factors:

  • The agricultural origins of the settlement
  • Historical land ownership
  • The topography
  • The medieval street pattern

Important listed and unlisted buildings in the designated area include:

  • The Church of St Martin (Grade II*)
  • The Grange on Church Lane, an 18th century timber framed property
  • The Old Manor House (Grade II*) on High Street

(Grade II*: particularly important buildings of more than special interest.)

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