Market Bosworth conservation area


Park Street, Market Bosworth

The Market Bosworth conservation area was designated by the council in November 1974.

The distinctive character of Market Bosworth is derived from four key factors:

  • Location as a ridge top settlement
  • Agricultural economy
  • The manorial tradition based on Bosworth Hall and its parkland setting
  • Gateways and views

The designated area includes Sutton Lane to the south, Back Lane to the west, Bosworth Hall to the north and The Park to the east.

There are many fine listed and unlisted buildings of local historic or architectural interest within the conservation area. These include:

  • Bosworth Hall
  • The Tower House
  • St Peter's Church
  • The Dixie Grammar School

The Market Place defines the character of Market Bosworth. This central space is enclosed on all sides by buildings set at the back edge of the pavement. These edges are broken only by a small number of narrow paved jitties and alleyways. Radiating from this space, Main Street, Sutton Lane, Shenton Lane and Station Road provide more open views with occasional views of the countryside.

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