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Markfield Conservation Area


St Michael's Church Markfield

The Markfield Conservation Area, designated by the council in January 1979, is the historic core of the settlement which includes buildings of many different periods.

The area does not have a single unifying street pattern, building material or style. The buildings of brick and render around the Upper and Lower Greens, dominated by the Church of St Michael, are grouped to form attractive and informal open spaces.

The line of stone and rendered cottages on Hillside take advantage of a fine south facing view over the valley which is, unfortunately, interrupted by the motorway.

On Main Street, the sense of enclosure created by domestically scaled buildings close to each other and the highways boundary has, unfortunately, been partly destroyed by incongruous new development.

The other areas within the conservation boundary, in addition to these features, reflect Markfield's agricultural and industrial past with many stone buildings built in the vernacular style.

There are three listed buildings in the area:

  • The Church of St Michael
  • The Old Rectory
  • Stepping Stone Farmhouse

There are also a number of unlisted buildings that are of specific architectural or historic merit.

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