Bilstone Conservation Area


House by the river in Bilstone

A conservation area for Bilstone was designated by the council in November 2012. This small hamlet, nestling on a bank of the River Sence, lies between Congerstone and Twycross in the north of the borough.

The village is characterised by a relatively unplanned organic pattern of buildings which are separated from each other by fine green spaces, hedges, low walls, or agricultural fencing. Most buildings, constructed by the Earls Howe as part of the Gopsall Estate, have retained many original features. Although most have been converted and modernised since the estate was sold in 1927, the original structures are still easily recognisable, including:

  • A former water mill
  • A baptist chapel
  • Elegant village farmhouses
  • Farm labourers' cottages which still retain their rear service buildings

Last updated: 03/11/2023 17:54