Occupied annexe

How to apply

If your property has an annexe or a self-contained unit similar to a granny flat and the property is occupied by a relative you can apply for a council tax discount or exemption. The type of discount you may be entitled to receive will depend on whether the relative who lives in the property (who is in occupation) is dependent on being cared for or not.

If the annexe or self-contained unit and is occupied by a relative who is dependent on being cared for (a dependant relative), you can apply for a council tax exemption.

If the annexe is occupied by a relative then a 50% discount applies.

Before you apply

Read our guidance notes council tax discount/exemption (occupied annexe)

If you think that you qualify for this discount, please complete our online form:

Apply for council tax discount/exemption (occupied annexe)

Alternatively, complete our council tax contact form to request a paper application form which you can complete and return to us.

Last updated: ‎16/02/2023 10:26