Submitting a planning application

What is required?

Planning Portal

We recommend that you submit your application electronically by using the Planning Portal ( and following their guidance.

We advise you to refer to national and local requirements for planning applications and submitting a planning application before applying for permission.

When submitting your documents could you please ensure that they do not exceed a file size of 40MB.


All plans are required to be to a recognised metric scale with the scale marked on them. Please mark the paper size on the plan to ensure that it is printed at the correct scale.

'Do not scale' drawings

You are advised not to submit drawings which state 'Do not scale'. We suggest that a note could be added to the plans stating 'Printed or electronic copies of this plan can be scaled for planning purposes.'

Proposed work

If existing and new works are shown on the same drawing, make them clearly distinguishable, or include separate plans showing the existing situation. The proposed works should be clearly identified in relation to existing buildings and boundaries.

Site location plans

Site location plans are required to accompany every application: Buy a planning map ( 


The Planning Portal has an online fee calculator ( Please note that details not included in the submission of an application may require conditions to be imposed, and a fee is required to discharge conditions following a decision.

Methods of payment

When submitting your application online, payment will need to be made directly to the Planning Portal: Applications (

If submitting in paper format payment can be made:

  • Cheque
  • BACS (Details available on request)
  • Pay online via this website under miscellaneous 

Design and access statements

Please follow this link for information and guidance:

Please note:

  • If you fail to provide the relevant information, it will result in your application being invalid and will delay a decision
  • All forms and plans submitted will be displayed on this website
  • All documents submitted electronically on non-working days are to be treated as being received by the council at 9am on the next working day, and will be date stamped as being received on the following day. This is in accordance with central government

Last updated: 22/12/2023, 08:44