What's going on for children and young people?

Health for children and young people

Health for under fives

Health for under 5s (healthforunder5s.co.uk) offers advice and information to parents and carers of babies, toddlers and children of up to five years old. The website is structured into seven main categories:

  • Pregnancy (preparation)
  • Baby (the first year)
  • Toddler (one to three years)
  • Pre-school (three to five years)
  • For you (parents and carers)
  • Services (support)
  • Local (advice and events)

Health for Kids

Health for kids (healthforkids.co.uk) is a fun and interactive resource for primary school age children to learn about health. It is split into five different sections:

  • Health
  • Feelings
  • Illness
  • Getting help
  • Games

The grownups' area provides an array of content to support parents and carers of primary school-aged children across topics including healthy minds, healthy bodies, health issues and getting support. The area also provides easily-accessible, localised information, identifying local support services and school nurse details.

Health for Teens

Health for teens (healthforteens.co.uk) is a digital resource designed for 11 to 16 year olds, enabling access to a range of information about health in a fun and engaging manner. Topics covered include:

  • Feelings
  • Growing up
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationships
  • Sexual health
  • Your area

Tailored news and information based on location is also available, where teens can access contact information for local support services as well as how to get in touch with their school nurse.

Teen Health 11 to 19 service

Teen Health - Health and Wellbeing Officers are here to help with a wide range of issues such as emotional wellbeing, healthy relationships, sexual health, alcohol and cannabis use.

If you go to a secondary school in Hinckley and Bosworth and would like to talk to your own Health and Wellbeing Officer, please contact:

If you are aged 11 to 19 and live in Leicestershire and Rutland please visit Teen Health 11 to 19 (leicestershire.gov.uk) to be able to find the contact details for the Teen Health service.

If you live in Leicester please visit Healthy Together (leicester.gov.uk)

Last updated: 24/10/2023 16:12