Benefits letters

Understanding your benefits letter

The information in this section will help you understand the information in your benefit letters. It should also explain some of the words that we have to use (for example, applicable amount, non-dependant deduction, notional income from capital).

Please read your benefit letters carefully. They tell you how your claim has been worked out. We are required by law to send them to you.

Your benefit award letter will tell you:

  • When your benefit starts and ends
  • How much benefit you are going to get
  • How your benefit has been worked out
  • How your benefit will be paid

If there is something you do not understand, please contact us straight away using the details below. We will be happy to explain the letters to you.

It is important to check your benefit letters

It is important that if there is something on your benefit letters you do not agree with, or if you think we have not worked out your benefit correctly, that you write and tell us. Your letter must be received within one month of the date on the top of your benefit letter.

If you think you are not getting enough benefit and you do not tell us within one calendar month of our original decision, we will only be able to amend your benefit from the Monday following the date we receive your letter.

Please remember if there is anything that you do not understand in your benefit award letters, please contact us using the contact form below and we will be happy to explain it to you.

Last updated: ‎09/05/2024 08:26