Housing benefit appeals and disputes

How to appeal your housing benefit decision

You must appeal by writing a letter or filling in an appeal form, which you can complete online or request a paper form to be sent to you. You must complete your appeal form within one calendar month of the date on the letter. If you are writing a letter to us or completing a paper form you must send this to our offices within one calendar month of the date on the letter.

The tribunals service will make a decision about your appeal at a tribunal hearing. The tribunal hearing is made up of people who are independent of us. Find out more about appeals (GOV.UK)

It is important that you give your reasons for why you are appealing the decision because the tribunal does not have to look at anything you don't mention in your letter or appeal form. The tribunal can only look at the evidence, the law, and the circumstances at the time the original decision was made.

Remember, if the appeal tribunal finds you have been getting too much money, we will reduce your benefit and you may have to repay any overpaid benefit.

Appeal the decision

When you appeal a decision we will ask for:

  • Your benefits claim reference number
  • Your contact details
  • The address your appeal relates to (if different from your current address)
  • Details of your appeal
  • The date of your decision letter (you must appeal a decision within one calendar month)
  • Your reason for appealing
  • Any supporting evidence (you can upload this evidence in the online form)

You can appeal your decision online:

Appeal against a benefits decision

Alternatively, complete our benefits contact form to request a paper application form which you can complete and return to us.

Last updated: ‎19/06/2023 09:59