How to apply for a caravan site licence

Conditions and exemptions

Licence conditions

Caravan site licences are issued with conditions which relate to:

  • The number of caravans allowed per hectare (called the permitted density)
  • The spacing between caravans
  • Water supply, drainage, lavatory and washing facilities
  • Safety of electrical installations
  • Gas safety and refuse disposal
  • Fire precautions (when necessary)

If you are considering buying an existing caravan site you must make sure you are satisfied that the site complies with any conditions related to the planning consent for the site, which are a separate matter from the site conditions.

Caravan site conditions as amended in 2009

List of the conditions without fire precautions

List of the conditions with fire precautions


You do not need a caravan or camp site licence for the following:

  • A caravan kept within the grounds of a house. To be exempt from needing a licence, the caravan cannot be occupied separately to the house
  • A single caravan sited in the same place for not more than two consecutive nights, up to a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months
  • Up to three caravans on a site of not less than five acres for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months
  • Sites occupied by exempted organisations such as the Caravan Club
  • Sites of up to five caravans certified by an exempted organisation and which are for members only
  • Sites for temporary purposes such as caravan rallies organised by exempted organisations and attended only by their members
  • Agricultural and forestry workers, building and engineering sites and travelling salesmen

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