Help with collections

Do you have difficulty moving your containers?

We will provide assisted collections for residents that have a genuine difficulty in moving their wheeled bin and/or recycling boxes if there is no one else in the household who could help.

About the service

We will collect containers from the door, or agreed collection point if appropriate, empty them and then return them to the same place. The resident will not need to take any of the containers to the boundary. Containers need to be available for collection by 7am on collection days. Please note: we cannot collect from inside the property, shed or garage.

Who should apply

We will consider your request for help if you have difficulty moving your wheeled bins or recycling containers. This may be due to a medical problem or an accident. You don't need to be registered disabled to get help.

How to apply

Complete our online form. You will hear from us by phone within five working days. Once on the list, you will receive assisted collections until you tell us otherwise.

Request help with a collection

Alternatively you can telephone the helpline during working hours on 01455 238141.

If you have problems with the form or have any questions, then let us know and one of our waste management officers will phone or arrange to visit.

When requesting help for the wheeled bin we will include you on the recycling, garden waste and refuse services.

Help with special collections (such as furniture and electrical items)

Special collections require the items to be at the boundary. We realise that this is difficult for residents on the assisted lists. When booking a special collection, let us know that you are on the assisted list and the items will then be fetched from inside your home.