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Green infrastructure strategy

What is the Green Infrastructure Strategy?

Green Infrastructure (GI) is the term used to describe the network of natural and semi-natural spaces and corridors in a given area. These include open spaces such as parks and gardens, but also allotments, woodlands, fields, hedges, lakes, ponds, playing fields, coastal habitats, footpaths, cycle routes and water courses. Crucially, Green Infrastructure provision is not limited to traditional green spaces such as parks and other open spaces, but can involve various interventions to thread nature into streetscapes, or provide corridors of connectivity between GI ‘assets’.

What is the Green Infrastructure Strategy?

The Green Infrastructure Strategy identifies opportunities across the borough to protect and enhance GI, helping guide the investment and delivery of GI and its associated benefits. This strategy replaces the previous GI Strategy published in 2008 in order to align with and support the borough council’s emerging Local Plan (2020-2039). The purpose of the GI strategy is to review the extent to which GI assets are functioning well, to identify where there are existing and anticipated future gaps in GI provision and to set out what actions and interventions could enhance the current provision.

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