Burbage Village Design Statement

How should the Village Design Statement be used?

The Village Design Statement (VDS) should be used to inform the formulation of designs to build, modify or extend property in Burbage regardless of scale.

The VDS is intended to promote the following design process:

  • A survey of the relationship between the site/property and its surroundings, working with and respecting what is already there
  • Identification of the design opportunities presented by existing views, landscaping, built form, materials and details
  • Confirmation, in plan form, that this design process has been fully observed

The VDS does not attempt to provide design solutions but rather to highlight the distinctive elements and characteristics of Burbage that should be considered in any new design.

In addition, the VDS does not determine the location of development, nor prevent it. This is the duty of the Local Plan 2006 to 2026 and the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies DPD.

Last updated: ‎01/12/2022 14:15