Core strategy

Examination in Public (EiP)

The Secretary of State appointed an inspector to conduct an examination in public (EIP) to determine whether the Core Strategy was sound (justified, effective and consistent with national policy) and legally compliant.

The Secretary of State appointed Mr Raymond Michael MRTPI, ARICS, BSC, DIPTP, MBIM, MB of the Planning Inspectorate as the inspector responsible for conducting the EiP of the Core Strategy.

The Planning Inspector's role was to consider all the evidence and representations received during the consultation process, identify the main issues and to give the council his recommendations for action prior to the adoption of the document.

Contact the Policy & Regeneration Team to view representations received.

Pre-hearing meeting

A pre-hearing meeting took place on 8 April 2009. The purpose of the meeting was to explain and discuss procedural and administrative matters relating to the management of the examination, the matters and issues to be examined, the programme/participants for the hearings, the methods for dealing with representations, the timetable for submitting statements and any other relevant matters.

Main examination

The inspector held the main examination between 19 May and 29 May 2009. He returned in October 2009 to hold an additional session on Policy 15: Affordable Housing Viability. The findings have been incorporated into the Inspector's Final Report.

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