Hinckley Town Centre Area Action Plan

The consultation process

Issues and options

The issues and options for Hinckley town centre were considered during the writing of the Hinckley Town Centre Renaissance Masterplan.

A series of public consultation events and workshops were held in November and December 2003, during which issues and proposals for the town centre were highlighted.

The feedback from this consultation was used to write a draft masterplan which was presented to the public and stakeholders between 14 June 2004 and 19 July 2004. The major initiative to revitalise the town's economy and to change the ambience of the centre was clearly supported.

Preferred options

Consultation on the preferred options document took place between 24 September and 5 November 2007. The comments received helped to shape the proposed submission version of the document.

Proposed submission

Consultation on the proposed submission document took place between 31 October 2008 and 12 December 2008.

During this consultation period, responses were received which highlighted the need for further work to be completed on the AAP. This work needed to take place before the council could consider it satisfactory for submission to the Secretary of State. As this additional work resulted in important changes to the AAP, an additional round of public consultation was necessary. This also enabled the council to adopt the Core Strategy, which provides the strategic policies and required development within the town centre before the submission of the Hinckley Town Centre AAP.

The second round of public consultation on the proposed submission Hinckley Town Centre Area AAP took place between Friday 18 June and Friday 30 July 2010. Following consideration of the representations received during this period the document was submitted to the Secretary of State in September 2010.

Relevant documents are available to view.

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