Licensing Act 2003 - Plan requirements

What to show on your plan

Plans to accompany a new premises licence application or a minor variation application (for a change of layout) require detailed information to make clear which premises or parts of the premises are to be or have been licensed. All plans must be drawn to scale. 

The Licensing Act 2003 stipulates that plans submitted must show the following:

  • The location of the extent of the boundary of the building
  • The position of any external and internal walls
  • The location of entrances to the premises and the exits from the premises
  • Escape routes from the premises must be shown if they are different to the exits from the premises
  • The locations where the premises is used for the licensable activity or activities
  • The location or locations on the premises used for the consumption of alcohol
  • The position of any fixed structures or fixed furniture or similar objects, which are temporarily in a fixed position, may impede use of the exits or escape routes
  • The location of any stage or raised area
  • The height above the surrounding floor of any stage or raised area
  • The location and type of any fire safety or other safety equipment
  • The location of the kitchen (if any) upon the premises
  • The location of any steps, stairs, elevators or lifts
  • The location of public toilets

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