Licensing Act 2003 - hearings

Hearings procedure

The council's hearings procedure is based on regulations made by the Secretary of State under the Licensing Act 2003. The procedure is intended as a general framework to ensure natural justice and a fair hearing. The conduct of individual hearings may vary slightly according to circumstances and the discretion of the chairman. In all cases, however, this general framework will be followed.

The procedure allows each party a period of 15 minutes in which to present their case (Regulations 16 and 24). At the end of the time allowed, the chairman will terminate the presentations and the hearing will proceed in the form of a discussion led by the authority to explore points of dispute:

  • The discussion will not be timed
  • The procedure is subject to review and amendment to reflect best practice and relevant legislative changes

Download the full licensing hearing procedure (PDF)

How to appeal a decision

If you are unhappy with the decision made by the Licensing sub-committee, you can appeal through the magistrate's court. Please note, if you lose your appeal you may have to pay the costs.

Alternatively, you could wait to see if the now licensed premises is causing the problems you anticipated. If so, after a 'reasonable time' (this means 12 months, unless there are exceptional circumstances) you can ask for a review of the licence

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