Listed buildings register

About listed buildings

Buildings of special architectural or historic interest are listed to protect them from demolition or alterations which may destroy their character.

Listed buildings are graded according to their quality and interest as follows:

Grade I
Approximately 4% of the country's buildings of exceptional quality and interest, such as country houses and churches.

Grade II*
Grade II* buildings with additional features of interest, such as a fine staircase.

Grade II
The vast majority of listed buildings are classified as Grade II. These buildings can range from a medieval house to a 1930s telephone kiosk.

Of the 351 listed buildings within the borough, eight are Grade I, 36 are Grade II* and 306 are Grade II. 

Details of Listed buildings within Hinckley & Bosworth can be downloaded free of charge.

Information on the conservation of historic places and buildings is available from Historic England (

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