National and local requirements for planning applications

Documents necessary to make a valid planning application

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Local planning authorities are able to request supporting information with a planning application, in addition to the national requirement for validation. These requirements must be specified on a formally adopted ‘local list’ published on the website and is less than two years old.

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council has consulted on the local validation requirements between 5 and 26 March 2018. Following the comments received, small amendments have been made and the final document was published in January 2019.

The document identifies the plans, details and documents which must be submitted, with all types of planning applications to make them a valid application. If you do not submit the information required in the validation list with your application, this could make your application invalid and will delay the determination of your application.

If you think some of the validation requirements in the list do not apply to your application, then you should explain why in writing when you submit the application and this will be assessed by an officer at the validation stage. Failure to submit all information required by the local validation list may lead to the imposition of pre-commencement conditions which could delay the start of development.

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