Report a sharp (for example a needle)

What you need to do

Sharps are: needles, syringes and other objects which can cause potential harm through contamination. 

Please complete our online form. Alternatively, phone or visit the Hinckley Hub in working hours or phone our emergency control centre on 01455 251137 out of hours. 

When you report a sharp, we will ask for:

  • The location:
    • Exact location (public toilet, park or open space, car park, street name and nearest landmark, village)
    • What3words location - You have the option of providing a What3words location (
  • Your details (optional)

Report a sharp to us

Further information

You may find a sharp in one of the following places: houses, bus stations, car parks, gardens, pubs, shops, parks, night clubs, public toilets and school playgrounds.

If you find a sharp in a building, then please inform the staff of the building, preferably the owner.

If you find a sharp:

  • Do not touch it
  • Do not let friends or pets touch it
  • Do not hide it
  • Do not kick it down a drain
  • Do not put it in a dustbin, litter bin or down a toilet
  • If you are a child then please tell a grown up, such as your mum or dad, your teacher or a police officer

Last updated: ‎12/04/2022 14:29