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Neighbourhood watch


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Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is about your community. It is run entirely by volunteers, to bring local people together to address crime or any other community safety issues, and to stay alert on what is happening in your area

These voluntary groups often liaise with the local police and other agencies to help keep neighbourhoods safe.

The schemes can be set up to cover just one street, part of a street, just a few homes, a couple of streets, or part of or a whole estate. Residents don't have to meet on a regular basis, but they may wish to, to discuss ways in which they can tackle low level problems which are relevant to their area. NHW groups can also make use of technology. For example, they may use email and social media to communicate and share information. However, if you don't have access to a computer, there will be ways that you can still participate.

To join an existing NHW scheme, or for more information about setting up a scheme, please contact Jackie or Helen who will be happy to help. Their contact details are:

  • Jackie Saunt, Hinckley Neighbourhood Watch Development Officer on 07954 334494 or by email:
  • Helen Cobley, Earl Shilton Neighbourhood Watch Development Worker at The Community House, Peggs Close, Earl Shilton, LE9 7BP, 01455 255942. Alternatively, complete our Earl Shilton Community House contact form 

Alternatives to Neighbourhood Watch are also available.

Help to set up a Neighbourhood Watch:

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