Borough Council enforcement officers to wear body cams

Published Thursday, 01 September 2022
Three people standing in Hollycroft Park

Enforcement officers around the borough will soon wear body cameras to provide greater transparency around the actions of enforcement. 

Cameras will be worn on officers’ uniforms and will only start recording after a person has been observed committing an offence. 

It is hoped that the cameras will also help to prevent incidents of physical and verbal abuse towards officers.

As part of the scheme, those being recorded will be told as soon as is practically possible that they are being filmed. The cameras will provide officers with a record of everything that is said, which can also be used to make sure officers are carrying out the correct procedures.

The cameras can record for several hours before they need to be charged, ensuring officers are always able to use the devices. Footage will be securely downloaded using a docking station, which will then enable officers and other authorised council staff to view the footage on a computer.

Councillor Bill Crooks, Executive Member for Streetscene Services, said:

We are committed to keeping our enforcement officers safe as they go about their jobs keeping our town centres and streets free from litter. Evidence shows that wearing body cameras can lead to a behaviour change from potential offenders who are less likely to be physically or verbally abusive towards officers.

The cameras also act as a useful training tool to make sure our enforcement officers are carrying out the correct procedures when approaching individuals or businesses who are caught littering.

Executive Member for Community Safety at the Borough Council, Michael Mullaney added:

Local enforcement officers who help keep our area clean and tidy have a right to feel safe as they go about doing their important work locally.

I welcome this scheme that will help give more security to people doing an important job for the benefit of Hinckley and Bosworth and local residents.

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