Park and Stride trial gets more schoolchildren walking to school

Published Tuesday, 04 October 2022
Children on school walk

A new programme to get children walking safely to school has been launched in Hinckley.

Hinckley’s Battling Brook Primary School has introduced a ‘park and stride’ scheme at the request of local ward councillors for the Hinckley area, adding to a number of similar schemes launched in partnership with Leicestershire County Council in schools across the county including a scheme that launched at Townlands Primary in Earl Shilton earlier this year.

‘Park and stride’ schemes involve the use of nearby car parks for children to then walk the rest of the way- normally five to ten minutes- to school. This is either accompanied by their parents, carers, or guardians.

The schemes aim to reduce traffic congestion, as well as helping children to be more active while benefiting the environment.

The launch of the scheme at Battling Brook Primary School in Hinckley was a great success, with 25 children taking part on the first day. Some children have volunteered to be junior safety officers, teaching their peers about road safety.

Headteacher of Battling Brook Primary School Mr Stewart Marsden said:

“We are very grateful that parents and carers are now able to use Wykin Carpark (mornings and after school) and the Flintlock Pub Car Park (mornings) enabling them to 'park and stride' to Battling Brook. This initiative promotes active travel, the reduction of traffic near the school gates and a more relaxed journey to and from school. Our Year 6 Junior Road Safety Officers have done a wonderful job in promoting this initiative and they are a credit to the school.”

Executive Member for Community Safety at Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, Councillor Michael Mullaney added:

“This is a great initiative that we hope will expand out to include more schools over time. Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen. I’d encourage more schools to come forward and contact the ‘Choose How you Move’ team so that we can enable more active travel and reduce the amount of traffic congestion around school gates right across the borough.” 

If you would like to launch a park and stride scheme with your local school, please contact