Groby parish councillor’s language breached code

Published Monday, 23 October 2023

A parish councillor from Groby has been ordered to write a letter of apology to the Parish Council Chair.

This was ordered by Hinckley & Bosworth’s Ethical Governance Committee after the councillor was found to be in breach of the Parish Council Code of Conduct.

The committee decided that Councillor Peter Batty of Groby parish council used unacceptable language directed at the chair in a meeting.

The committee was agreed that Councillor Batty had been acting in his capacity as councillor at the time of the alleged comments, which could be heard on a recording of the meeting.

The committee concluded that Councillor Batty’s comments constituted a breach of the code of conduct. It was proposed that Councillor Batty be requested to apologise to the chair in writing and to undertake diversity training and, should he fail to do so, the decision notice be published.

The decision notice can be read in full on the council’s website.