New agreement for council tenants

Published Wednesday, 21 January 2015

COUNCIL TENANTS living in the Hinckley and Bosworth area are being formally notified this month of forthcoming changes to their tenancy agreement with the council.

The updated tenancy agreement - that will come into effect from 1 March - aims to help the council improve the management of its council properties. It includes improved sections on keeping animals and maintaining gardens as well as clarifying the repair responsibilities of both the council and the tenant.

For the first time the tenancy agreement also introduces 'demoted tenancies'; a tenancy status that can be granted by the courts as an alternative to eviction for tenants who have been behaving in an anti-social way. If the anti-social behaviour continues, it also speeds up the eviction of the anti-social tenant from the council property.  

The changes to the tenancy agreement were guided by consultation and follow up meetings that took place with tenants in August and September last year.  The changes were informed by detailed feedback provided by the Together for Tenants group, a tenant-led partnership between tenants and the council.

Councillor Michael Mullaney, Executive Member responsible for Housing, said:

"The current tenancy conditions had been in place for a number of years and it had become increasingly apparent that they need to be refreshed in order that tenants understood what they could expect from the council as their landlord and their own responsibilities. 

"The Tenancy Agreement was drawn up with input from many tenants, including the Together for Tenants group and is an excellent example of the council working in partnership with tenants."

Alongside the updated agreement, tenants will receive a new repairs manual giving advice on maintenance issues and providing useful information for reporting repairs. Tenants will also receive the annual newsletter which includes information on the service that tenants can expect from the council. 

The new agreement, which does not affect the status or start date of the tenancy, will come into effect from March and will also apply to all new council tenancies.

Last updated: 21/01/2015 17:07