New strategy to encourage healthier lifestyles

Published Wednesday, 04 February 2015

A NEW strategy aimed at encouraging and helping Hinckley and Bosworth residents to adopt a healthier lifestyle has just been launched.

The strategy, which has been approved by the Hinckley and Bosworth Health and Wellbeing Partnership, sets out those areas of health that are the highest priorities across the borough and outlines the ways in which they can be met.

The strategy is underpinned by a range of support that is available to help people take a healthier approach to their lifestyle. This includes support to stop smoking, as well as opportunities to take more physical exercise. 

There are programmes in place to help older people retain their independence and remain in their own homes, and to assist those with dementia and mental health issues. There are also plans to provide children and young people with any help they require.

Cllr David Bill, who is the Borough Council’s Executive Member responsible for Health Improvement, said:

“This strategy sets out our key priorities and details how we intend to improve health and wellbeing for all our residents”.

And Mike Sandys, who is the Director of Public Health for Leicestershire County Council, added:

“I applaud this approach. Improving public health starts with personal responsibility which is then supported by a wide range of professionals, volunteers, family and friends”.

The strategy is available to view on the council’s website by following this link together with contact details for anyone requiring further information.

  • The Health and Wellbeing Partnership is a multi-agency group including GPs and representatives of Leicestershire County Council’s public health team as well as the Borough Council and other organisations.

Last updated: 04/02/2015 11:41