Independent report praises council

Published Monday, 21 November 2016

“HINCKLEY and Bosworth Borough Council is well-managed, with a can-do culture - committed to making a difference to people’s lives.”

That is one of the many positive conclusions contained in an independent report commissioned by the Borough Council from the Local Government Association (LGA).

The LGA team held 40 meetings and gathered evidence from external partners and stakeholders, representatives of the Citizens’ Panel and council tenants, as well as from staff, managers and councillors before reaching its conclusions.

Other comments referred to the “high regard” in which the council is held as a “trusted and willing partner”; the positive influence it is having on transport infrastructure and tourism; and its successful work on regeneration through a period of economic down-turn. Its track record on major commercial, housing, leisure and infrastructure projects was also commended.

Importantly, the council’s staff came in for particular praise as being “enthusiastic, passionate and focussed on actions for the residents and service users”.

The LGA Team did make a small number of recommendations where it felt further improvements could be made, including digital accountability, maintaining the current ambitious programme of activity and training staff for future challenges.

Council Leader Mike Hall said: “This report confirms that our council is once again performing well, and that council members and staff are working together and committed to improving people’s lives. “Although we have had to make some tough financial decisions we are now well placed to meet future challenges, and to deliver further improvements across our Borough.”

View or download the Peer Challenge report