Reminder to renew garden waste collection service

Published Friday, 10 February 2017

ALMOST a year after the introduction of a payment-based garden waste collection service, the Borough Council is reminding residents that they will need to renew their subscription by 31 March.

To ensure the service continues uninterrupted, subscriptions should be renewed as soon as possible because bins that do not display the correct 2017/18 sticker will not be emptied after 1 April. Therefore residents are advised to make payment by 17 March to allow 10 working days for the sticker to be delivered.

Renewals can be made online, where the council has made significant improvements to the system that was used 12 months ago. Alternatively, call the council on 01455 238141.

Payments can be made by either credit or debit card, but residents should be aware that a small surcharge is made for credit card payments. The price has been frozen and remains at £24 for 2017/18.

Those who have already set up a direct debit don’t need to do anything, and should receive their new bin sticker soon. The sticker can be placed on the bin as soon as it is received. 

So far, 74 per cent of households that previously used the garden waste service have continued to do so since the introduction of the charge. Garden waste is still collected on a fortnightly basis, closing only for two weeks over Christmas and New Year. This means that each collection costs just 96 pence.

Payment for the service can be made at any time throughout the year. 

For those who choose not to subscribe to the service there are other options for disposing of their garden waste including:

  1. Composting at home - garden waste and other material can be recycled by purchasing a low cost compost bin from
  2. Taking garden waste to a Leicestershire County Council Household Waste & Recycling Site