Volunteers help to clean-up Sketchley Brook

Published Thursday, 21 September 2017

VOLUNTEERS filled 16 bags with rubbish when they helped to clean-up the Sketchley Brook in Burbage.

Over a dozen people, as well as some children, took part in the clean-up operation, which was organised by the Borough Council and the Sketchley Corridor Improvement Project.

The team trimmed back the whole length of a hedge, cleared out the brook of litter and disposed of two needles, and tidied up the public footpaths on the land.

Clean Neighbourhood Officer Nicholas Laville thanked his crew for their assistance, as well as all the residents who took part and supported the cause.

Local resident and volunteer Mike George said:

We are proud of our neighbourhood and we're working hard to enhance the beautiful Sketchley valley for the benefit of residents and visitors.

The council team did a tremendous job of clearing paths and opening up access to the Brookside basin so that we could work safely. We look forward to working with the borough and parish councils in the future to further improve the whole of the Sketchley corridor through Burbage.