A Splash of Colour

A large selection of coloured masks suspended from the ceiling of the gallery

Published Tuesday, 28 November 2017

A COLOURFUL EXHIBITION opening in December in Hinckley’s Atkins Gallery is ideal for brightening up wintery days.

‘Colour in a Monochrome World’, which runs from 6 December to 2 January, is a fusion of colourful pieces from two local artists and will be a vibrant finish to the Atkins Gallery 2017 programme.

Penny Andrews a textile artist and Colin Ward a Fine artist first met while studying for a Master’s Degree in Fine Art in 2005 and they have exhibited work together ever since.

Penny uses her psychotherapy background as inspiration for her work looking at the way young children interpret the world and what impact childhood experiences can have on their future lives. Penny also explores how negative events can impact creativity. Colin’s work is inspired by people and nature and unusual combinations of art materials, mixing glass, ceramics, fabric and acrylic.

Their work explores diversity and the differences found within society told through a multimedia exhibition including a large installation piece called ‘Masks’. 

Anyone who wishes to meet the artists, to learn more about their inspiration and view the pieces on display is welcome to come along to the official opening of the exhibition on Wednesday 6 Dec from 4pm-6pm in the Atkins Gallery.

For more information about Atkins Gallery please call 01455 247070 or email info@atkinsbuilding.co.uk