Launch of ‘Message in a bottle’ – it could save your life!

Published Wednesday, 06 March 2019

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council are launching ‘Message in a bottle’, a scheme where essential medical information and next of kin contact details are kept in case of an emergency in your home.

The scheme which is designed by the Lions encourages the elderly and people with serious medical conditions such as life threatening allergies to store their medical details and emergency contact numbers in a plastic bottle which is kept in a fridge.  

In the event of the Emergency Services being called to someone’s home they will be alerted by a green sticker on the inside of the front door and another on the door of the fridge which will alert them to the bottle and its possibly life-saving content. All Emergency Services have been trained to look for the green stickers in the home. The bottle is easy to use and has a push-fit lid and is big enough to hold all necessary medical and contact information. 

Councillor Mike Hall, joint chair of the Community Safety Partnership and Leader of Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council said “Whilst this scheme is focused on the most vulnerable in our communities, anyone of any age can have an accident at home which needs urgent attention. This scheme can benefit anyone, especially those who live on their own and have allergies or who take regular medication”.

The significant benefits of the scheme are that it will save the Emergency Services valuable time identifying the patient and their emergency contacts. The ‘message in a bottle’ will state whether the patient requires any special medication or has any allergies. It is a potential lifesaver and provides peace of mind to the user and their friends and families.

The bottles are free of charge and are available from a number of venues across the borough including Hinckley Hub, Dementia Day Care Centres, various churches and community centres, Earl Shilton Age UK Centre, Earl Shilton, Wykin and Barwell Community Houses, libraries, Hinckley Job Centre, Sport in Desford, Hinckley Police Station, Hinckley Fire Station and many more venues. A leaflet for free advice or fire checks in the home will also be handed out with the bottles which will be carried out by Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service. 

For further information or to find a venue that is close to you contact the Community Safety Team at Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council on Tel. 01455 255746.