Earl Shilton boxing coach awarded lifetime achievement award

Boxing coach holding a gold trophy

Published Friday, 15 March 2019

Craig Perkins was surprised at Earl Shilton Boxing Club last week when he was awarded with the Hinckley and Bosworth Sport and Health Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award.

Craig was awarded this in recognition of his dedication and commitment to Earl Shilton Boxing Club.

Chris Ladkin, Executive Member for Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council and Ward Councillor for Earl Shilton said:

For over 30 years Craig has given heart, body and soul to providing young people in Earl Shilton a place where they can get fit, learn discipline, have an outlet for their energies and build up their team work. During this time, Earl Shilton Amateur Boxing Club has coached, supported and developed National Team Members and European Champions.

This has not been a smooth journey as, during this time, the club have had to relocate twice and are currently looking for a new home in Earl Shilton. They have worked hard to keep the club in Earl Shilton and Craig continues to leave no stone unturned as he looks for a new home for the club. People really appreciate the time and effort Craig puts in running and coaching at Earl Shilton Boxing Club. I am delighted that Craig’s dedication has been recognised.

Commenting on his award Craig said: 

I’m very grateful to be recognised and appreciated for over 30 years' dedication not just to boxing but also to the local community. I hope that we continue to get recognition and support as we actively continue our search for our own premises so we can not only continue to give the local community a boxing club but provide a positive addition to our community.