Council tax still one of the lowest in the country

Published Wednesday, 26 February 2020

The increase in the Borough’s council tax charge for 2020/21 will be limited to 2.1%, following a decision of the full council at its budget-setting meeting last night (25 February 2020).

This less-than-inflation increase means the average council tax for the Borough Council will rise by £2.78 for the year. The average Band D council tax (including the Special Expense Area) for the Borough Council will be £134.87 for borough council services in 2020/2021. When Parish Precept charges are taken into account the average Band D charge will be £190.77.

In addition, charges will be levied by Leicestershire County Council (£1343.73) the Police and Crime Commissioner (£233.23) and the Fire Authority (£67.96).
Residents are reminded they can pay their bill annually, half-yearly or monthly. In a full year the monthly instalments will normally be paid over a ten-month period from April to January. However residents can also opt to pay their council tax over 12 instalments if they prefer.

The Borough Council still remains one of the lowest charging councils and for 2019/20 had the 14th lowest council tax out of the 201 district councils in the country.

Councillor Keith Lynch, Executive Member for Finance said:

During our previous term in office, in the earlier years of austerity we froze the borough council tax for several years. When we came back into office in May of last year, we did so with a promise to limit any increase to below the rate of inflation and the increase of 2.1% reflects that promise.