It’s your call on climate emergency

Published Thursday, 12 March 2020

A STRATEGY for how Hinckley and Bosworth can tackle climate change has been launched at the council’s Rural Conference.

Our draft Climate Change Strategy is being considered by councillors, officers alongside the borough’s residents, businesses and charities also being asked to give their views.

The Borough Council declared a climate emergency in July last year and has committed itself to taking action to help the borough become carbon neutral by 2030.

The strategy sets out a vision for how the borough council including its contractors and partners, along with the community, businesses and schools, intends to do all it can in order to address the global climate emergency.

Since declaring a climate emergency, the council has been working with a range of community groups to gather more information about the measures being taken to tackle climate change. It has also established a cross-party working group to investigate ways the local authority can take and promote action to cut its carbon footprint and to adopt more environmentally-friendly ways of working.

Now the council is looking for people and groups who are passionate about tackling climate change in order to shape and develop the draft strategy to make sure it best reflects the ambition of people living and working in Hinckley and Bosworth, and not just the Borough Council in isolation.

Sharon Stacey, Director of Community Services at the Borough Council who is leading the initiative said: “In the last few months we have already seen some fantastic work going on in the community. St Catherine’s Church in Burbage is one of the first eco churches in the country thanks to the innovative work of the vicar and congregation. Their passion for climate change led them to making a complete step change in the way they approached the maintenance and design of their ancient building to make it as sustainable as they possibly could.

"We know there must be lots of other examples out there in the borough that we could all learn from. We can’t do this alone; we want to hear from you.”

Executive Member for Climate Change at the Borough Council, Cllr Martin Cartwright added:

The global climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges we face and the reason why we have declared a climate emergency. We all must play a part so that’s why we are inviting comments, views and suggestions on the draft strategy, including its proposed scope, purpose and the four delivery themes to tackle climate change across the borough. Furthermore I am interested in residents’ views as well as what they are doing in respect of reducing their climate impact. 

We are calling this consultation exercise Climate Change: Call for information. Given the issue of climate impact we would urge people to contact us online if they are able to do so. Alternatively you can request a printed version by contacting the council.

We have set ourselves an ambitious target and the success of this strategy depends on widespread action by local people so it’s essential that as many people as possible get involved to do everything we can to tackle climate change in this area now and in the future.

You can read the council draft Climate Change strategy online and take part in our climate change consultation. Alternatively you can call us on 01455 238141 for more information. The consultation is open until 23 April 2020.

If you would like to tell the council about your climate change initiatives then email your ideas to or please call us on 01455 238141.