Council tax payment assistance

Published Friday, 27 March 2020

Following concerns over paying council tax during the coronavirus pandemic the council has announced that residents, who pay their council tax over 12 months can ask to switch to 10 monthly payments.

Those who pay over 10 months can ask to move their payment break to earlier in the financial year.

Council Leader Cllr Stuart Bray said: “we know people are worrying about their financial situation during this pandemic, the situation is changing on a daily basis. We hope by changing how payments have to be made it will assist our residents with their financial planning. However I do want to reassure people that we will be as flexible as possible during this difficult time.”

Full details are below:

Council tax 'payment break' (10 monthly payments)

If you pay council tax over 10 months, you normally do not make payments in February or March. This is a payment break. You can ask to take the payment break for the year 2020/21 earlier in the new financial year (after 1 April 2020) instead of February and March 2021. Your total bill remains the same.

Council tax 'payment break' (12 monthly payments)

If you are currently spreading your payments over 12 months, you could switch to a 10-month plan and request to not make payments for two months of the following financial year. Please note that switching to a 10-month plan means your monthly bill will be higher than if spread out over 12 months. The total amount remains the same.

Council tax support

Some people may also qualify for council tax support. We have an existing scheme which means people who qualify can receive up to an 88 per cent discount on their council tax bills.

The Government has also just announced that in light of the coronavirus pandemic, working age people receiving council tax support will also get up to another £150 off their council tax bills. If you pay less than £150 a year at the moment, then you will pay nothing. If you currently receive council tax support, this latest reduction will be applied automatically.

Find out more, how to apply these changes and apply for council tax support. Visit COVID-19: paying council tax