Health guidance brochure available free to borough residents

Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Health, Councillor David Bill with health guide

Published Thursday, 11 February 2021

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council has written, designed and produced a free wellbeing and health advice booklet to help individuals and families stay healthy in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The aim of the booklet is to provide residents with advice and support regarding their overall health which could or may have been impacted by these challenging times and supports making positive changes to improve physical and mental health. Suitable for the whole family, its covers topics such as physical exercise at home; sleep, healthy eating and highlights the many support networks and organisations which available to help and offer assistance.

Copies of the booklet have been circulated across the borough and are available in GP surgeries, schools, parish councils, voluntary groups and food banks. Copies are also available to those visiting any vaccination centre in the borough.

Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Health, Councillor David Bill said:

Our health and wellbeing is constantly being stretched in these difficult times and this booklet offers practical assistance for the whole family, from the very young to those who remain at home continuing to shield.  

Keeping our mind and body active, looking after our diet and taking care of each is a priority and whilst currently we do not have easy access to gyms, exercise classes and some residents may not even be able to leave their home this booklet offers a wide range of guidance and support. I would urge residents to request a copy or when visiting any of the vaccination centres across the borough to pick one up. Feedback so far has been extremely positive, and the booklet is being utilised by local organisations throughout the borough.

A copy of the Health guidance brochure is available online or by calling Tel. 01455 238141.