Car park season tickets

How to apply for a car park season ticket

A car park season ticket is available for the long stay car parks located in Hinckley listed below. If the car park is not listed below, a season ticket is not permitted on that car park. 

Tickets can be for a month, three months (quarterly), six months or for a full year.

Season tickets for the following Hinckley car parks:

  • Alma Road, LE10 1PN
  • Druid Street, LE10 1QQ
  • Holliers Walk, LE10 1QW
  • Lower Bond Street, LE10 1QU
  • Thornycroft Road, LE10 1BQ
  • Trinity Lane West, LE10 0BH
  • Trinity Vicarage Road, LE10 0BU


  • £375 per year from month of issue
  • £200 per half year from month of issue
  • £110 per quarter year from month of issue
  • £40 per month from day of issue
  • £31.25 per month via direct debit (one year minimum term of subscription)

The charges are inclusive of VAT.

Prices of season tickets for long stay and Castle car park only (limited availability)

  • £500 per year
  • £41.67 per month for direct debit (one year minimum term of subscription)
  • Please note we have limited availability for season tickets which include Castle Car Park. We will contact you within five working days to take payment; at this point we will tell you if you can have a season ticket which includes Castle Car Park

How to apply

Before you apply, please read our terms below. See also: More about paying online

Apply for a ticket

Alternatively, you can request a printed copy of the form by using our contact form, by telephoning 01455 238141 or by letter to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, Streetscene Services, Jubilee Building, Fleming Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 3DU. You will then need to complete this by hand and post it back to us with a cheque or postal order.

How to use your season ticket

Place the season ticket:

  • Inside the car on the front windscreen (on the passenger side of the car)
  • So that the registration number can be read from outside the vehicle


  • Season tickets are only valid for a specific registration number
  • Payment must be received with the application form and the season ticket will be despatched by post. Please allow five working days for processing of the application
  • Refunds are available for full months only
  • The season ticket can only be used in the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council long stay car parks listed above
  • The season ticket does not guarantee a car parking space
  • Failure to display the ticket correctly will invalidate its use
  • The council will not be liable for any loss or damage to either the vehicle and/or the contents however such a loss or damage is caused
  • Season tickets are not transferable
  • For full details and conditions, refer to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council Off Street Parking Places Order (various), available from reception during office hours

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