Car park season tickets


A car park season ticket is available for the long stay car parks located in Hinckley listed below. If the car park is not listed below, a season ticket is not permitted on that car park. 

Tickets can be for a month, three months (quarterly), six months or for a full year.

If you wish to renew a season ticket, you will need to apply again for a season ticket

You can purchase a season ticket for the following Hinckley car parks:

  • Alma Road, LE10 1PN
  • Druid Street, LE10 1QQ
  • Holliers Walk, LE10 1QW
  • Lower Bond Street, LE10 1QU
  • Thornycroft Road, LE10 1BQ
  • Trinity Lane West, LE10 0BH
  • Trinity Vicarage Road, LE10 0BU
  • Castle car park, LE10 1DS (limited availability)

Last updated: ‎20/05/2022 11:16