Sunday 26 September

Some online services will be unavailable from midnight on Sunday until 1am on Monday.

List of services affected

Street name plates

How to report a damaged road name plate

The Neighbourhood Warden team is responsible for replacing street name plates on public highways within the Borough of Hinckley and Bosworth.

If you notice that a road name plate is damaged, or wish to discuss a particular problem then please contact us with details of the road name and the village/town.

Report issue with a street name plate

All name plates are individually manufactured therefore brand new name plates can take up to six weeks to be produced, delivered and installed.

Please note: In respect of new developments it is the developer's responsibility to arrange and erect the street name plates - the name plate will only become the responsibility of the Borough Council when the road is adopted.

Other highway signs

The Borough Council only has responsibility for road name plates. If you have any queries regarding other highway signage then please contact Leicestershire County Council on their helpline 0116 305 0001, or visit the county website pages in respect of highways

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