Bin collections - Tuesday 12 December

No garden waste collections. Refuse and recycling is being collected, where safe to do so. Please leave any missed refuse or recycling bins out for collection; we will aim to return this week.

Changes made to recycling service

Published Monday, 21 July 2014

CHANGES are being made to Hinckley & Bosworth’s successful recycling service to meet stricter government regulations and to help maintain the high levels of recycling already achieved by residents.

From this autumn, new standards to improve the quality of recyclables will be brought in at the Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) where recycling loads are taken for sorting. As a result, it is expected that loads containing the wrong materials could end up being rejected by the processing contractors and sent to landfill, leading to greater costs for councils.

This will be followed in January 2015 with the introduction of new recycling regulations, which mean the Borough Council, in common with all other waste collection authorities in the country, will be required to collect waste paper, metal, plastic and glass separately unless it can demonstrate that it is not practical to do so.

Rather than changing to a new and more costly collection service, the council wants to continue with the single recycling ‘bin and caddy’ service, which has proved very popular with residents. So it is taking steps to encourage residents to recycle the correct materials in the correct containers to reduce contamination levels, which will also help to keep costs down for the council taxpayer.

 A large bin sticker featuring an easy reference guide to what should and shouldn’t be included in the recycling bin is being attached to every blue-lidded recycling bin in the borough commencing in July. The sticker is designed to help reduce the risk of unsuitable materials contaminating recycling collections and to ensure items are placed in the correct container.

This means:

  • Paper and card must be placed in the inner caddy and not in the main recycling bin
  • No plastic carrier bags – including items tied in bags inside the bin
  • No black plastic – this is already low quality material and is unsuitable for further recycling
  • No rigid plastics such as children’s toys
  • No metal items other than cans and tins – other metal items such as pans, kitchen utensils and knives are not suitable for recycling

To reduce contamination, any recycling bins containing unsuitable materials or general rubbish such as nappies or food waste will no longer be collected. Instead, residents will be asked to remove the unsuitable items and present the bin again on their next collection day.

Executive Member for Neighbourhood Services at the Borough Council, Councillor Bill Crooks said:

"Residents of the borough are in general very happy with the 'one container' recycling collection instead of having their properties cluttered up with numerous boxes and bags. To change back to boxes and bags would cost council tax payers considerable sums as it would mean purchasing new containers.

“I urge residents of the borough to take notice of the new regulations which have been brought in and to study them. A copy of the list of items that can be recycled has been fixed to the lid of all the recycling bins. This will help the borough to meet the new targets set and continue with their brilliant recycling record, by residents only binning the items on the list".

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