Report anti-social behaviour

If you are suffering from anti-social behaviour or would like further advice:

  • Ring Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council on 01455 238141
  • Fill in the online form below
  • Contact the Police on 101
  • If you are at risk or need immediate assistance ring the Police on 999

By completing an incident reporting form you can help make a difference to your community. The details you give us may help to take measures to reduce the anti-social behaviour affecting you.

Information to complete the form:

  • Record all details accurately and truthfully - write down exactly what you see or hear. Record any speech word for word, no matter how distasteful
  • Write down dates and times of incidents - state whether the time is am or pm
  • Record suspect details - if you recognise any suspects by sight, or by sound, write down their name and address if you know them. If you are not certain who the person is, do not make assumptions, but record their descriptions as fully as possible

If you wish to remain anonymous, we will log the case but won't be able to take any action.

Report anti-social behaviour

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