Maintenance due to annual billing

The facility to manage business rates will be unavailable 20 to 26 February. The facility to manage council tax and benefits will be unavailable 22 to 26 February. Sorry for any inconvenience.

How to change your details

How to change your address:

My account - your name menu
  • Go to my account
  • Sign in to your account
  • Click on 'My account - [Your name] > My profile, or go directly to my profile (you must be logged in for this link to work)
  • Address details
  • Request change of address
  • Important: Use the postcode/street lookup to select your address
  • Submit

You will be automatically logged out and will need to log in again to see this change.

You can also watch a video: change address in my account (

If other details need changing

If you need to update your email address or your password, or any other details under your profile, go back to 'My account - [Your name]', and select what you want to change, make your change and submit. Please note, you can only make one change at a time.

Last updated: ‎30/05/2023 17:12