Corporate plan

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Our corporate plan for 2022 to 2025 seeks to deliver our vision in creating great places to live, work and enjoy as we all recover from the covid pandemic. Council services will work closely together as one team, driven by our key values, to deliver our priorities, goals and ambitions for the next three years.

People: Helping people to stay healthy, active, in work and protected from harm

Places: Creating clean, sustainable and attractive places to live and work 

Prosperity: Encouraging sustainable economic and housing growth, attracting businesses, improving skills and supporting regeneration 


Over the next three years and beyond we will:

  1. Enable and inspire older people to make the most of later life
  2. Maximise people’s potential through employment and skills support
  3. Help people to stay healthy, be active and feel well
  4. Recognise diversity and celebrate what unites us
  5. Ensure that vulnerable residents are supported and the capacity of the local voluntary sector is sustained and developed
  6. Take measures to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and protect people from harm
  7. Give children and young people the best start in life and offer them the opportunity to thrive in their communities
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To do this we will/what will happen:

  • Our Employment & Skills Partnership will develop an action plan to support and empower people to make the best possible use of their skills and of employment opportunities
  • Work with our local schools to enable young people to have confidence in their future and raise their aspirations while promoting local careers opportunities
  • We will intervene early offering effective help and advice to people at risk of homelessness and rough sleeping
  • Working with health partners, we will develop and deliver initiatives to improve health through our Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • We will work in schools to inspire a sense of the role of citizenship and safety in young people
  • We will continue to work with our partners to promote and grow our thriving voluntary and community sector
  • Along with our partners, we’ll provide support to people facing financial hardship and food poverty through increased living costs
  • Reduce crime and anti-social behavior and protect people from harm through our work with partners including police and health to deliver the aims of the Community Safety Strategy


Over the next three years and beyond we will:

  1. Keep our borough clean, green and safe
  2. Keep our town centres vibrant and viable
  3. Protect and improve our parks and open spaces for everyone across the borough
  4. Improve the quality of existing homes and enable the delivery of affordable housing
  5. Inspire high standards of urban design that create sustainable, attractive places to live
  6. Support and celebrate our cultural, tourism and heritage facilities and events for the benefit of residents and businesses alike
  7. Reduce our impact on the environment by working with partners towards delivering our Climate Change Strategy
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To do this we will/what will happen:

  • We will reduce our impact on the environment by reducing waste and encouraging recycling
  • Re-imagine the town centre through a new masterplan to identify new opportunities that will secure the ongoing regeneration of Hinckley
  • Promote new affordable housing for rent and acquire and develop more council houses through our development programme
  • We will promote and deliver an annual events calendar across the Borough to showcase our culture and heritage
  • We will use our enforcement powers to protect the environment
  • Adopt a new Local Plan setting out how the borough will be developed in the future
  • Deliver the 'Tiny Forest' initiative, bringing the environmental and health benefits of a traditional forest to small-spaced urban areas
  • Increase the number of Electric Charging Vehicle points to help meet the future demand of electric powered vehicles
  • Continue to support the delivery of Neighbourhood Plans for the Borough, giving local residents a greater say in development and growth in their area
  • Our existing parks, open spaces and playgrounds will continue to meet high quality standards


Over the next three years and beyond we will:

  1. Boost economic growth and regeneration by encouraging investment that will provide new jobs and places to live and work all over the borough
  2. Support the regeneration of our town centres and villages
  3. Support our rural communities
  4. Work with partners to raise aspirations and boost opportunities for training, employment and housing
  5. Support our tourism partners in promoting our local attractions and growing the local visitor economy
  6. Ensure businesses are supported to safeguard and maintain local employment opportunities
  7. Provide direct investment in economic opportunities where opportunities arise and subject to the business case



To do this we will/what will happen:

  • We will encourage developers to employ local people and provide opportunities for their training and development
  • We will boost tourism through our Tourism Strategy
  • Deliver Twycross National Science and Conservation Centre
  • We will support our rural areas to enhance their community facilities through our Rural Strategy and a range of funding initiatives
  • We will continue to bring businesses and education providers together to develop the skills needed to boost our local economy
  • We will invest directly in MIRA Technology Park and drive economic growth across the borough through the Economic Regeneration Strategy
  • We will provide advice and support to local businesses to ensure their long-term viability
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