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Hinckley & Bosworth - A place of opportunity

Corporate Plan 2017 - 2021

The Corporate Plan provides the residents of Hinckley and Bosworth, its councillors and staff a clear idea of the councils vision.

The 2017 - 2021 Corporate Plan reflects national and local priorities and provides the council's main focus for service delivery planning over the next four years.

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Helping people to stay healthy, active and protected from harm

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Creating clean and attractive places to live and work

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Encouraging growth, attracting businesses, improving skills and supporting regeneration

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What is the Corporate Plan?

Our vision- A place of opportunity

Our corporate plan for 2017 to 2021 seeks to deliver our vision in creating great places to live, work and relax in. To have great places to go and shop, visit and be entertained and to provide opportunities to help our communities stay safe, healthy and active. It also seeks to promote places to invest in to improve the range and quality of local job opportunities.

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Our plan will tell you how we intend to provide the right opportunities and services and provide them in the best way to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives and works in the borough of Hinckley and Bosworth. 

The plan doesn’t include everything the council does, but it does set out our priorities, goals and ambitions for the next four years based on what our residents tell us are the most important matters to them. The council’s service improvement plans will be the mechanism that will deliver these ambitions.

We have brought those priorities together under three clear headings:

  • People: Helping people to stay healthy, active and protected from harm

  • Places: Creating clean and attractive places to live and work

  • Prosperity: Encouraging growth, attracting businesses, improving skills and supporting regeneration

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Our values


To lead in the community and work proactively with our partners. Where we do not control services, we have an important role to play in influencing our partners and working with them to tackle issues on behalf of our residents.

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To involve local people, our partners and businesses in our decisions and listen to their views.


To value diversity, promote equality of opportunity and fair treatment for all and ensure that our services are accessible to everyone. We will be proactive in engaging our rural and more remote communities as well as those who live in our main towns.


Be driven by efficiency - We will do everything we can to make sure that we provide quality services for everyone that represent good value for money and make the best use of our assets.

About Hinckley & Bosworth Borough

  • Estimated 2017 population: 100,000
  • Estimated 2021 population: 112,000
  • 51% female
  • 49% male
  • Life expectancy females: 84.7 years (national average 83 years)
  • Life expectancy males: 80.4 years (national average 79.5 years)
  • Estimated households 2017: 48,000 (65% rural, 35% urban)
  • Estimated households 2021: 49,000
    • 28.14% single person households
    • 8.57% single parent households
    • 32.08% multiple person households without children
    • 26.90% multiple person households with children
    • 4.31% other
  • 4,250 businesses
  • 55,300 in work
  • £476 per week average earnings
  • 10% public sector jobs
  • 90% private sector jobs
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  • 16 wards 34 councillors 24 parishes
  • 1 million pounds awarded to rural communities and voluntary groups since 2005 (through the Parish and Community Initiative fund)
  • 3.7 million wheelie bins emptied every year
  • Hinckley judged one of the top three High Streets in the country (Large Market Town category, Great British High Street competition 2016). Footfall 67,000 per week
  • 1,500 planning applications processed per year
  • 338 listed buildings
  • 76 parks, playgrounds and open spaces maintained by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
  • 28 conservation areas
  • Home to internationally recognised zoo at Twycross (520,000 visitors per year, £80 million investment 2015 ‐ 17)
  • Site of the last place two kings met in battle (for the crown and birthplace of the Tudor Dynasty)

People: Over the next four years and beyond we will:

  • 1. Enable and inspire older people to make the most of later life
  • 2. Support vulnerable people and those who are most in need
  • 3. Help people to stay healthy, be active and feel well
  • 4. Recognise diversity and celebrate what unites us
  • 5. Support an effective and viable voluntary and community sector
  • 6. Take measures to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and protect people from harm
  • 7. Give children and young people the best start in life and offer them the opportunity to thrive in their communities

What’s going to happen:

  • We will produce a prevention strategy which details our work around supporting people
  • We will work with partners to raise aspirations of residents
  • We will move to a new model of providing integrated housing support to enable people to live healthily in their homes


  • We will bring in initiatives to improve health through our Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • We will work in schools to raise awareness around citizenship and safety, as well as promoting local careers opportunities
  • We will continue to work with our partners to make the most of our thriving voluntary and community sector

Places: Over the next four years and beyond we will:

  • 1. Keep our borough clean and green
  • 2. Make our neighbourhoods safer
  • 3. Protect and improve our parks and open spaces for everyone across the borough
  • 4. Improve the quality of existing homes and enable the delivery of affordable housing
  • 5. Inspire standards of urban design that create attractive places to live
  • 6. Support and celebrate our cultural and heritage facilities and events for the benefit of residents and businesses alike

What’s going to happen:

  • We will reduce our impact on the environment by cutting waste and encouraging recycling
  • Promoting new affordable housing for rent and delivering council house new build and regeneration schemes
  • We will promote and deliver an annual events calendar across the Borough to showcase our culture and heritage
  • We will use our enforcement powers to protect the environment
  • Communities will be supported to play their part in helping to deliver more local homes that reflect the needs of their community. Neighbourhood planning will play a key role in shaping where development may go, what it may look like, whilst protecting local character and features
  • We will do everything we can to ensure the transport and community infrastructure can support growth
  • Our existing parks, open spaces and playgrounds will continue to meet high quality standards

Prosperity: Over the next four years and beyond we will:

  • 1. Boost economic growth and regeneration by encouraging investment that will provide new jobs and places to live and work all over the borough
  • 2. Support the regeneration of our town centres and villages
  • 3. Support our rural communities
  • 4. Work with partners to raise aspirations of residents and provide opportunities for training, employment and home ownership
  • 5. We will support our tourism partners in promoting our local attractions

What's going to happen

  • We will encourage developers to use local labour, developing skills in collaboration with local colleges and provide opportunities for training and employment
  • We will boost tourism through our Tourism Strategy
  •  We will support our rural communities to enhance local community facilities through our Rural Strategy and a range of funding initiatives
  •  We will develop opportunities and pathways into low cost home ownership


  • We will continue to provide opportunities for businesses to work together with education providers to develop the skills needed to enhance our local economy
  •  We will deliver economic growth across the borough through the Economic Regeneration Strategy
  •  We will support the delivery of required new quality housing through the Local Plan

A place of opportunity

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