About the Mayor


Photo of the Mayor, Councillor Scott Gibbens and his wife Councillor Cathie Gibbens, the Mayor's Consort


Councillor Scott Gibbens


Hinckley De Montfort

Length of service

First elected to the Borough Council in May 2019


Councillor Gibbens is married to fellow councillor Cathie Gibbens. 


The new Mayor will be raising funds for Hinckley Area Foodbank and Cat Action Trust Nuneaton & Hinckley throughout his term.

Outside interests

In his spare time, Councillor Gibbens enjoys walking his dogs and playing guitar.

Mayor's Consort

The Mayor’s Consort is his wife, Councillor Cathie Gibbens. 

Deputy Mayor and Consort

Councillor Robin Webber-Jones and his consorts are his daughters Amelia (aged 12) and Clara (aged eight).

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