About the Mayor


Mayor and Mayoress


Ozzy O'Shea. 


Ratby, Bagworth & Thornton. 

Length of service  

First elected to the Borough Council in 2007.


Wife Jenny. Ozzy and Jenny have four children and nine grandchildren.


Cllr O’Shea served in Leicestershire Police for 31 years before retiring. However, his retirement was short lived for the next day he went back to work as a civilian in the Force’s operations room and was soon promoted to supervisor. Cllr O’Shea job-shared his position after being elected a councillor in 2007 so he could dedicate more time to his community. He finally retired in August 2016 after serving a total of 43 years with Leicestershire Constabulary.


During his year of office he will be supporting Motor Neurone MND and the Police Widows and Dependants charity for those officers killed on duty.


His chaplain will be Rev Robin Pollard of St Peters Catholic Church, Hinckley.

Outside interests 

Away from the council, he served 28 years as a school governor at Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School in Leicester. He has been a keen caravanner for the past 35 years and enjoys walking.

Mayor's Consort 

Mrs Jenny O'Shea. 

Deputy Mayor and Consort 

Councillor Jan Kirby and Mr Mike Kirby. 

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