Landlords receiving housing benefit for tenants

What information can the council tell me about my tenant's circumstances?

Under the Data Protection Act, there is limited information that we can provide. If we do not pay housing benefit to you in respect of your tenant, we will not be able to provide you with any information at all.

If you are in receipt of housing benefit in respect of your tenant, we will be able to confirm:

  • The date that benefit started and ended
  • The weekly amount of benefit and how often it is paid
  • The amount we are taking from benefit to recover an overpayment
  • The details of any cheque or bank automated payments sent to you

If we send payments of housing benefit to an agent, we will only be able to provide the above information to the agent. Written notifications will always be sent to you if your tenant starts/stops receiving benefit, if there is a change in the amount of benefit paid or if your tenant has been paid too much benefit.

Last updated: ‎30/10/2023 10:05