Landlords receiving housing benefit for tenants

What can I do if my tenant has rent arrears?

If your tenant is at least eight weeks in arrears with their rent, you have the right to ask for housing benefit payments to be sent directly to you. You will need to put this request in writing stating clearly your tenant's name and address, the full details of the arrears and that you would like further payments to be sent to you.

We will write to your tenant to give him/her notice of this. They have the right to disagree with this. If there are no grounds on which the tenant can disagree or we receive no response, we will pay the benefit directly to you.

We will suspend benefit payments from the date that we receive your letter until we decide where to send future payments.

You will need to complete a payment mandate form on this page if you would like payments to go into an account.

Complete payment mandate

Last updated: ‎30/10/2023 10:05