Local housing allowance rates

Current local housing allowance rates for Hinckley and Bosworth

England is split into broad rental market areas (BRMA) which are decided by the Valuation Office Agency. Where you live determines which 'broad rental market area' you live in. A fixed rate of local housing allowance (LHA) is payable within one BRMA. Local housing allowance rates are updated every April. BRMAs are not the same as local authority areas - usually one BRMA covers a number of councils. In some cases, a local authority contains two or more BRMAs, as the boundaries are not the same. You can find out more information about how many bedrooms you are eligible for (voa.gov.uk)

Hinckley and Bosworth falls into the BRMA of Coventry and Leicester. 

In April, the Rent Service provides us with new housing allowance rates for each broad rental market area and that is the rate that we use in your housing benefit calculation against your income.

April 2024 to March 2025

The local housing allowance rates below are what we will use in the housing benefit calculation from April 2024 to March 2025:

Shared room

Coventry: £99.50 per week
Leicester: £91.00 per week

One bedroom

Coventry: £132.33 per week
Leicester: £124.27 per week

Two bedrooms

Coventry: £155.34 per week
Leicester: £149.59 per week

Three bedrooms

Coventry: £178.36 per week
Leicester: £178.36 per week

Four bedrooms

Coventry: £230.14 per week
Leicester: £241.64 per week

Last updated: 18/03/2024 08:17