Apply for help paying rent

What help is available if I cannot afford my rent?

If you are of working age, you will need to apply for universal credit, rather than housing benefit, in order to get help paying your rent.

Other circumstances

If you are of pensionable age or living in supported accommodation or specified accommodation (such as a hostel) you can still get help with your rent by applying for housing benefit.

Universal credit

Universal credit helps you to pay your rent if you are of working age and on a low income. More:

Housing benefit

Before applying:

Check how many rooms you'll get benefit for:

Your housing benefit may be capped

If you receive over a certain amount of other benefits, your housing benefit is capped: find out about the benefit cap 

When you may be able to apply for housing benefit:

How to apply:

Check your benefits online:

If your housing benefit is paid directly to you, you can register for 'my benefits', an online service which allows you to:

  • See details of housing benefit awards and overpayments
  • See what payments have been made and when the next payment is due
  • Download payment schedules in Excel, CSV or XML formats
  • View correspondence and get e-notifications

Can you speak to anyone else about my claim?

Due to data protection we cannot discuss your housing benefit claim with anyone else other than you unless they are your appointee or they have power of attorney for you. However, we can speak to a person about your claim if you give consent for us to speak to them and you are present with that person.

Last updated: 03/05/2024 10:20