Universal credit

Apply for universal credit

How to apply

To apply, visit how to claim for universal credit (GOV.UK)

You will:

  • Find out what you need to complete the application form (for example, you will need your national insurance number)
  • Be asked to create an online account (or sign in to your existing account) - you'll be able to use this account to check your payments and any updates
  • Complete the application form

Initial work search interview

After applying for universal credit, you will be asked to attend your initial work search interview. You will be required to take all the documents of evidence that you mentioned when you applied online. You will also need to take:

  • Your postcode
  • Your national insurance number
  • Details of the bank, building society or credit union account you want universal credit paid into
  • Your original rent agreement (if you have one)
  • Details of your up-to-date rent agreement (if you have one)
  • Details of your up-to-date rent payment including any service charges
  • Details of your savings
  • Details of any income that's not from work, for example, from an insurance plan
  • Details of any other benefits you're getting
  • Details of people who live in your home, for example, your partner (you may need this)

Find out more about universal credit (GOV.UK)

Last updated: ‎13/01/2023 10:40